On…what I’ve been doing while I’ve been gone… ( #LentSZN May 2019)

Back at it again, ya’ll…here’s May (in all her unedited glory).


  • Good morning! Greetings in the precious, blessed name of our soon-coming Savior Jesus Christ!
  • This was one reason why I was hesitant to get my concealed carry-I didn’t want to be associated with the trigger-happiness many people who carry have. Like…the police. 🙁 God bless this woman’s family… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/noor-guilty-of-third-degree-murder-manslaughter-in-killing-of-justine-ruszczyk-damond/ar-AAAKpjj
  • Been listening to more people waking up from the Watchtower on Youtube.  My goodness-beautiful people (I mean literally), with a passion for the things they believed in, now realizing it was wrong, and how they cope with that aftermath.  I wanna continue to stay ready and pray for them on the regular-orthodox Christian organizations that are out here ministering to those people could possibly be seeing support from my way in the future.
  • Filled out a budget worksheet for small group today. *sigh*
  • Oh wow… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/cancer-causing-chemical-taints-water-after-california-wildfire/ar-AAAK1XL
  • Guy that shot up the Chabad synagogue…his fam is a part of the OPC. And as one who usually looks at statements with a side-eye, I’m glad they made one unequivocally condemning his actions and the despicable ideology that led him to commit such a horrific act. May God work in healing all of those affected in His time.
  • Ya’ll familiar with Rev. Jonathan Fisk? I discovered Worldview Everlasting on Youtube…his video “You Lutheran Scum…” was great…until I got to his discussion about the difference between the Reformed and Lutheran views of the sacraments.
    • I acknowledge the fact that the two views are unequivocally different. “Spiritually present” is not even close to the same as “in/with/under”. I get that, am still trying to fully grasp all of what is behind both positions, and…wasn’t Zwingli the one who pushed against sacramental views, and his “memorializing” and rejection of the word “sacrament” more directly lead to the sacramental dumpster fire that we
  • Rich people problems… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/california-couple-that-paid-dollar600000-in-college-admissions-scam-pleads-guilty/ar-AAALLiH





  • Didn’t realize until today just how much I run around on Sundays…oh hey I hope ya’ll had a blessed Lord’s day today!
  • Back to reading, and actually updated and worked on my site for a few minutes.  I might need to invest in a WordPress book because I haven’t a clue as to what I’m doing…


  • Have I mentioned yet that The Plucked Chicken podcast is worth listening to?  I only have two Lutheran podcasts I listen to, but they’re so necessary (and boffum are on Spotify too now if that’s more your cup of tea)
  • fragrance of the day: Hermes – Terre d’Hermes EDT (from a 2mL decant that I bought a while back because some woman on Youtube said I should try it for the summer…I need to stop falling for stuff like that LOL) First wear a while back didn’t impress me really at all – TODAY though…it’s actually not that bad at all.  I have a few more vetiver-based decants on the way; will see how it compares…)
  • track of the day: Clipse – Grindin’
  • Randumb: You can’t score if you don’t ever shoot so… #ShootersShoot
  • Listening to the “Discernment” episode of Theology Gals…
    • I didn’t know that was how “Jesus Calling” is described by the publisher. O_O
  • Games I need cases for: Super Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium, Virtua Racing (32X), Knuckles’ Chaotix (32X), Spiritual Warfare (GB), Columns (Genesis), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis), Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (Genesis), Sonic and Knuckles (Genesis)
  • THERE ARE NINJAS IN HERE CUTTING ONIONS https://www.woodtv.com/news/michigan/cmu-honors-mom-who-missed-her-ceremony/1979186678?fbclid=IwAR3MGaXW4Q5uLJIHYoOFaoa0mhWG9xQff0nd3_E1d_VgBjm9Y8sWqnxwgxI
  • Oh https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-fi-ct-cbs-news-odonnell-king-20190506-story.html
  • “Good things, done in the wrong situation/circumstance, can often quickly become bad things.” – taken from a comment in response to someone’s question on r/reformed
    • Also from thread: “…there’s no such thing as borrowing against a planned wedding.”







  • Oh my goodness…Kawhi Leonard’s game-winner was amazing. I LOVE THE NBA
  • last membership/”Welcome to <church name>” class that I’ll be attending due to being out-of-town next week…and then the interview or whatever idk


  • Oooo Lordy got up late… #ButGod
  • Carolinuhhhh… https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/sooey-pig-named-hamilton-bringing-hurricanes-playoff-luck/ar-AABhLfh
  • This is how I’ve read preachers are supposed to preach too… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/oldest-working-nurse-celebrates-94th-birthday-on-shift-at-tacoma-general-hospital/ar-AAB6Uhm
  • O_O https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/12/us/oregon-fbi-fugitive-turns-himself-in/index.html
  • Wuuuutttt… https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/13/health/iowa-dogs-transmittable-disease/index.html
  • SERVES HIM RIGHT (no I do not like him or his incendiary rhetoric – the Gospel is, on it’s own, enough to agitate…ain’t no need at all to be a sick jerk on top of it) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/far-right-us-pastor-becomes-first-person-banned-from-ireland-under-exclusion-powers/ar-AABh96P
  • Hmm… http://time.com/5588126/felicity-huffman-guilty-plea/
  • I think I’m having some issues with double predestination too, jsyk… https://christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/53984/what-is-the-basis-for-lutheran-single-predestination-as-opposed-to-double-prede
    • two things that keep tying me up, and I’ll include a little history as well. In church growing up, the old pastor would always put an emphasis on the word “all”. He’d usually follow up with the question “What does ‘all’ mean?” to which we would say “All means all and that’s all all means.” And that’s exactly how I looked at the word “all”…until hashtag reformed came along.  When hearing the Gospel at a soteriologically reformed church I never hear mention of this (which is a good thing), but taken to its’ logical conclusion “all” doesn’t mean “all”, or it does…just in different ways for different people.  The first position flat out creeps me out; the second I can understand a little better…though it also highlights another thing that I feel I was deprived from in my youth-the emphasis on the ultimate sovereignty in God’s election.  I’m all over the place right now but that definition of “all” is a thing for me
    • secondly, this whole idea of God foreordaining both who He elects to salvation…AND those who would be condemned. Weren’t we born into our trespasses/sin?  So, because of the fall #totaldepravity …wouldn’t that mean that our default position would also be condemnation? #BUTGOD …I feel uncomfortable with where the logical conclusion of some of this might take me, but it’s something I am continually going to chew on and pray over. I ain’t gotta decide anything right now, or affirm anything in particular…ain’t like I’m ever gonna be an elder or deacon of a church *shrugs*
  • How do ya’ll feel about songs that might be theologically okay, but are sourced from…questionable sources?  For example, Hezekiah Walker and T.D. Jakes both seem to be oneness Pentecostal. It’s not the Pentecostal I have a problem with per se-it’s the oneness.  But straight up I didn’t know that of them back in the day when I listened to their music.  So…what of it?  Here’s a few to check out…minus whale throw Hillsong in there too with prosperity foolishness amongst other things:
    • T.D. Jakes – This Test Is Your Storm (nah he ain’t singing – he only screams in his few musical appearances at any rate) (yikes emoji)
    • Hezekiah Walker – Second Chance (yikes emoji)
    • Hillsong – Man of Sorrows (heard this one first at an apostolic church…[DON’T ASK], speaking of which I want to apologize to them b/c I’m pretty sure I tried to gas them up by saying things were so wild and wrong with them when they were just a sincerely-intentioned basic Pentecostal church [because just like any other church/denomination/theological position there is both good and bad] with whose theological positions I didn’t necessarily agree with, but they themselves weren’t the problem-it was me. I’ll take the blame and there’s no need for me to direct any of my foolishness on a “cage stage” when I’m responsible for those actions as well…it’s like being drunk: not good.)
  • BRUH https://www.businessinsider.com/in-china-drivers-would-rather-kill-than-injure-2015-9
  • Was really nervous about how this was gonna go at first… https://www.reddit.com/r/Reformed/comments/bo3iz7/theologically_consistent_with_the_doctrinal/
  • <back to reading Mr. Mason’s thingy here https://alsoacarpenter.com/2019/05/07/constantly-attacking-ant-racists-gives-defense-to-white-supremacists-in-the-church-slander-receipts/ cuz I ain’t finish yet…>
    • Hmm…”Judas Iscariot was the original SJW.” (20180921)
    • “‘Jesus didn’t pay it all.’ – SJWs” (20181214)…both by Mr. Darrell B. Harrison…before I left Twitter. Included are some tweets after I left too, but I just don’t know where I was at to have missed those.  It’s probably a good thing too…September of last year was a beautiful month – I got to meet Joe! And it’s #birthday month too…yet towards the end of the year Twitter didn’t feel so hot, and by March 2019 I was really kinda out of it. Lent came around and gave me an out – I just haven’t got back yet.  Considering the tweets, I’m low-key inclined to add on Facebook/email/phone/other social media the people I consider friends from up there and just quit it…but we shall see.
    • <5 minutes of scrolling later> I’m sick…having flashbacks of all that I left…not sure if I’m gonna get through this article.
    • <1 minute later..thinks…> I wonder how Fred Butler is doing? He blocked me on Twitter a good while ago…I pray all is well with him.
    • <30 sec later> wait what?!
      • WHAT IS WRONG WITH WHAT MR. PUMA SAID?! Or what Mr. Phil Wade said (Mr. Buice seems to be reacting preemptively at a thing I guess – what he is responding to in of itself isn’t bad; he just seems to be reading much worse into the statements, which also is a problem on Twitter – people assuming by reading into tweets the worst they can think of them…but that isn’t Christ-like at all, and…my pops told me that to assume makes an 🍑 out of u and me…👀)?
      • (note: after I left)
    • <had to leave for a few meetings, picked back up, continues to read…gets lightheaded…>
    • <gets to another tweet> Oh! @MeMyselfAndI (Miss Elizabeth Bennet)…her and I had a falling-out (I think) quite a bit before my run-in with Fred Butler. She blocked me with the quickness, and dug in her heels. I wish things could’ve went a little more like they did with Mrs. Lucy (ya’ll know who I’m talking about – her artwork legit)…we had a falling-out, there was a block…but we reconciled. You grow and learn – even if we might disagree on some things, there’s a lot we did (and still do) agree on. I miss seeing the Lucy responses on my feed-that’s the kind of stuff I miss from Twitter (chicken tweets, baptism arguments #BaptiseYourBabies , tweets from Joe about how foolish this world is, talking about books we’re reading or podcasts we’re listening to, #FragranceTweets )…I pray Miss Bennet, Miss Lucy, and everyone has been doing well since I’ve been gone – but as this article seems to be settling in my mind: yeah, I needed to go…and I still need to stay away. I’ll be back at some point.
    • Most everything in discussions on Twitter aren’t like baptism though: in that context, either you’re credo…or you’re right (LOL I HAD TO!). When it comes to issues with/advocates for social justice, that binary juxtaposition seems to also be forced – a person can’t zoom out and see the effects of systemic racism and be in ardent opposition to abortion. You’ve gotta pick, and once you do you’re pigeonholed. Which makes sense if you also buy into the political party hype machine which forces people into that polarizing dichotomy.  It’s just weird to see that by and large our arguments are no different than the ones posed to society at large, and even worse we don’t seem to be handling them with any more grace or eloquence than they are.  But we’re The Church – what sets us apart at present?  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it…it makes me sick…and…yeah I’m still off. Just had to type this out.
      • Thanks for the verses!…but…umm…so the church has no place in preaching against the sin the Gospel accounts for?  As in, don’t we have to hold two things in hand: (1) we’re forgiven by the blood of the Lamb – salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus alone [vertical]…AND (2) loving your neighbor as yourself/walk in your vocation in a manner according to the law of Christ [horizontal]. Even this seems to be binary: one side is (often) all about the vertical, and the other is (often) all about the horizontal…when biblically both things should be emphasized. Or am I missing something here?  I know I am, so…come on with it…
    • Ya’ll, I ain’t reading any more of this…I just don’t have the energy…
    • <a minute later> I lied…smh
        • Ya know, to an extent I agree with this. Not in the way he (or maybe you) might think, but there is a morsel of truth to it. I should write about it. I probably won’t, but I should.
    • Ya’ll leave Brad alone and let him get back to writing about black Presbyterians! 😡
  • Have I included this before? If not, read it https://lvng4chrst.com/the-black-cage-stage/
    • Much of what I’ve gone through as far as her timeline…I played that out on Twitter. I didn’t outright reject the black church because my experience with it was particularly unique (I think: as opposed to being a part of any black denomination we were independent, baptist, premillenial dispensationalist…and much of what people assume about the black church [esp. from the anti-SJW “the black church’s theology is terrible”] would only apply to us…if they then applied it to dern near all of the non-Calvinist SBC churches too, theologically speaking [we were more like them than anything else]); I still go for events as well…I might join the church I currently attend, but any honeymoon phase was killed quite a while ago too – thanks Twitter (no seriously!, and specifically Lutheran twitter).  I pray the last two blocks never get reached though. ‘Cuz my goodness, if they do…
  • Ok I’m done now.
  • DANGIT PROPOGANDA…I hadn’t listened to this track in a while cuz it’s not on Spotify… track of the day Murs, Rapsody, and Propoganda – Walk Like A God (prod. by 9th Wonder)
    • “I have shaped my existence on His persistence…” (that line will always stop me…)
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/health-news/men-have-a-biological-clock-too-this-is-the-age-that-heightens-high-risk-pregnancies-birth-defects/ar-AABiYBz
  • An interesting case where the two Trump appointees went opposite directions… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/us-supreme-court-allows-app-store-antitrust-suit-against-apple/ar-AABiFmq
  • Al Mohler’s discussion on the “…so help me God” that seems to be getting pushed out of taking an oath by Democrats in congress was pretty good







  • Y’all have a blessed Lord’s day…I’m out!









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