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On…what I’ve been doing while I’ve been gone… ( #LentSZN December 2019)

I will be adding the stuff I’ve compiled from previous months on here soon (trust me! LOL)…I’ve got a music Top 5 for this year too to help you transition into Advent if you hadn’t already…but here’s what I’ve got for December thus far. If you didn’t know, December has been a crapshoot just like the rest of the year. I do thank Almighty God for a new work policy that keeps me off Twitter while the mess goes down. To that end, I also voluntarily left Twitter again…not sure if I’ll ever go back at this point since…I’m trying to see if it is affecting my blood pressure.

I just be out here chillin though, as per usual…check out the daily rundown. Don’t @ me either – this is my site lol

(Did I mention literally everyone, including myself…is viable to get roasted on here? Aye, if you didn’t know…now, you know.)





  • Had day off, didn’t do really anything of note lol








  • Went to a party.


  • TIL about the United Progressive Pentecostal Church (a denomination)…wooo Lordy…<insert Kenan Thompson GIF here>
    • There’s a FB page for them, but I will not be linking them
    • Found out about them after researching a “pastor” I saw being interviewed by Jesse Lee Peterson




  • Hey – meetings and stuff today; we’ll see how things go though…
  • 🙁 https://www.etonline.com/charlize-theron-says-shes-not-ashamed-to-discuss-the-night-her-mom-killed-her-dad-out-of-self
    • This was a sad situation, and I agree with her wholeheartedly that her boldness in discussing it is a good thing.  But where I must disagree with her is her thought that we should do something to address a perceived stigma against single-parent families.  Lord knows I don’t have nothing but love for all ya’ll, and God bless her family…but she’s in a particularly unique situation as a bankable actress to even be able to afford to adopt and provide for her children as a single parent…when most single parent situations aren’t as fortunate.  Even so, beyond all that…there is benefit to having a father in the family along with a mother for reasons beyond the financial.  There’s a reason why single-parent situations are generally considered not so good.  Gonna stop right there because I don’t plan to write anything on this subject lest I get myself into (even more) trouble.
    • sn: …but that means she’s single tho… <insert “thicker than a bowl of oatmeal” GIF here 😂>
  • Chrismon tree! http://www.chrismon.org/



  • From a comment on YouTube…
i see no lie here…for the most part (taking wisdom from others’ bad judgement/experience is a thing too)



  • Read some of a few books…







  • Idk what happened to the day lol…hey, at least I got some of the house cleaned?!





    • I know the NLT isn’t perfect, but as far as translations using dynamic equivalence, I find it to do pretty well compared to many of the others with the same aim.  I should write something about the little I know about Bible translations (the good, the bad, and the ugly)…we’ll see.  I owe the 4 people that’ll get my site address a lot (like baptism, life, etc)…so…this ain’t priority 😉

On…what I’ve been doing while I’ve been gone… ( #LentSZN May 2019)

Back at it again, ya’ll…here’s May (in all her unedited glory).


  • Good morning! Greetings in the precious, blessed name of our soon-coming Savior Jesus Christ!
  • This was one reason why I was hesitant to get my concealed carry-I didn’t want to be associated with the trigger-happiness many people who carry have. Like…the police. 🙁 God bless this woman’s family… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/noor-guilty-of-third-degree-murder-manslaughter-in-killing-of-justine-ruszczyk-damond/ar-AAAKpjj
  • Been listening to more people waking up from the Watchtower on Youtube.  My goodness-beautiful people (I mean literally), with a passion for the things they believed in, now realizing it was wrong, and how they cope with that aftermath.  I wanna continue to stay ready and pray for them on the regular-orthodox Christian organizations that are out here ministering to those people could possibly be seeing support from my way in the future.
  • Filled out a budget worksheet for small group today. *sigh*
  • Oh wow… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/cancer-causing-chemical-taints-water-after-california-wildfire/ar-AAAK1XL
  • Guy that shot up the Chabad synagogue…his fam is a part of the OPC. And as one who usually looks at statements with a side-eye, I’m glad they made one unequivocally condemning his actions and the despicable ideology that led him to commit such a horrific act. May God work in healing all of those affected in His time.
  • Ya’ll familiar with Rev. Jonathan Fisk? I discovered Worldview Everlasting on Youtube…his video “You Lutheran Scum…” was great…until I got to his discussion about the difference between the Reformed and Lutheran views of the sacraments.
    • I acknowledge the fact that the two views are unequivocally different. “Spiritually present” is not even close to the same as “in/with/under”. I get that, am still trying to fully grasp all of what is behind both positions, and…wasn’t Zwingli the one who pushed against sacramental views, and his “memorializing” and rejection of the word “sacrament” more directly lead to the sacramental dumpster fire that we
  • Rich people problems… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/california-couple-that-paid-dollar600000-in-college-admissions-scam-pleads-guilty/ar-AAALLiH

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