On…what I’ve been doing while I’ve been gone… ( #LentSZN March 2019)

Decided to leave Twitter for…well…an indefinite period of time because…reasons I’ll eventually detail. But that does not mean I stopped being the annoying online presence I know I am; in fact, it just got channeled in a different way.

Dare I say, I started a Drudge-like spamming of nonsense in a personal OneNote page daily. Essentially, I started to rant what I’d normally rant on Twitter to myself…*sigh*…well…here’s month one…and if there are any misspellings, well charge it to Mr. Perry of that day (if that’s even discernible at this point…)

I’ll explain all of this at some point…or I won’t…I haven’t a clue what I’m doing with this platform, so…bear with me while I figure it out – I’m learning on my own, which means we’ll eventually get things dialed in, but in the process it’ll come across like the terrible train wreck it more than likely literally is.






  • Subscribed to The Plucked Chicken podcast-got the tip from Reddit, listened to some of their episode E-skat-ology…cites a sermon from this church http://freedomfamilychurch.org/home and some of Hal Lindsay’s stuff
    • They go through dispensational theology, and compare American Evangelicalism to the Roman Catholicism that is what they so claim to reject (“American Evangelicals have become the very Roman Catholics they so claim to reject; they just changed the terminology a little…”)



  • Went to the first of I believe eight Sundays worth of “Welcome to <church name>” classes that are a prerequisite to membership to the presby church I’ve been going to for the past year or so.  There’s an interview and they make sure that as an adult that you are a professing Christian and what not too.  I’ve never actually been a member of a church…like, ever in my life…so pardon me if this is a bigger deal to me than it might be for most everyone else (though no one knows this yet)
  • Two things that made me emote:
    • Jeremy Lamb hit a game-winner in Toronto
    • Watched this game with pops: Duke somehow escaped UCF by a point after a missed lay-up that would’ve taken the game away from them…and will probably use that to springboard themselves to a National Championship…again…*sigh*…


  • Started using my Etsy account…
  • 8886745621 called my personal number to tell me that my social security number had been cancelled due to some suspicious activity and that I needed to talk with them to get things straightened out. Sure…
  • Twitch went down at like 21:53 or so…I could ping it but no streams or content. Twitter verified this (no I didn’t log in)…Idk what is up, but it ain’t Twitch…





  • Only Blaine Stewart would say (after a story about a lost prosthetic leg): “Hopefully someone will step up…” -> Jessica rightfully didn’t say a word afterward… <insert skull emoji here>
  • Props to Spotify for getting me acquainted with some of what might be Anita’s more obscure tracks
  • Andrew Yang…hmm!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzksqTu9UY4
  • MAGA!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ho88VXJTBg


  • It’s grass-cutting szn again…*sigh*…first cut of the year today
  • Watched some of the movie “Same Kind of Different as Me” w/ Ma and Sis – great movie-the casting seemed pretty accurate to the real people, and Renee Zellweger looks a little different these days (in a good way!)-loved her part in the movie as well


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